What A Year

What a year it has been to say the least.  I never could have guessed what this past year had in store and if someone would have to me what was going to happen I wouldn’t have believed them.  I am still trying to get my head around some of the thins that have happened the last 6 months.  Who could have guessed that they were going to let Misti go and that I would be the last female in the building.  Who knew that Misti was going to get pregnant.  I never could have guessed that Melissa would take her life and not be around this year.  It has been such and up and down year for me to say the least.

I have grown a lot over the past year and I feel like I have finally figured out what I want and where I am going.  I can say that I am finally happy to be alone.  I always thought that I was happy being alone but now I truly am happy.  I don’t mine being alone and not being around people all the time.  I know part of it is because I am so busy all the time and don’t have time for much else anymore.  I also now know that I don’t need or want a man in my life.  I just realized that I don’t want to deal with the drama that men bring to the table.  Now that being said if I were to find someone that isn’t into the drama then I may give it a shot but I am in no way looking for it.

I also can’t believe how far I came with my designs and how much I learned over the past year.  I am also so happy that I finally got my design site up and going and I hope that this year I can start making money so that I pay my doctor bills off instead of just making payments.   As it is now I am going to be paying doctor bills forever because I never have the money to pay them off.

I hope that 2012 will be a great year as well!  I hope everyone has a great year as well!

Margaret Tidwell

I am a 33-year-old blogger. I write about my life and my struggles with Multiple Sclerosis. I also am a huge bookworm, and I have been doing book reviews for years now. I even blog about adoption, Multiple Sclerosis, and things that go on in my life.

Margaret Tidwell

Margaret Tidwell

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  1. It has been a year, hasn’t it?? Well I am just THRILLED for you and your design business….you do great work, and I LOVE my facebook page and blog design. You ROCK!
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