I am going to do a small over view of different MS medications out there and then  for the next couple of weeks I will go into more detail about each of them.  I want to start by saying that there is no cure of MS right now.   There are a few medications that will hopefully slow the progression on the disease.  The first group of drugs are called Immune modulating drugs. They work by keeping the immune cells from interacting with other cells.  This group consists of 3 different drugs they are called Betaseron, Rebif, and Avonex.  There is one other drug that is under this type of medication and it is Copaxone.  This one is made of amino acids and works differently than the interferon’s.

There is Tysabri that attaches itself to the blood brain barrier and doesn’t let immune cells into the brain.  There are several other treatments such as: Novantrone, Cytoxan, Imuran, Rheumatrex, and Trexall.  All of those treatments are drugs that will suppress the immune system.

They will sometimes give a person steroids if the are having an MS flair up or relapse.  I have been given steroids several times and I will always refuse them now.  I don’t think they really didn’t anything but make me gain weight and make my eyes see funny colors.  I can see why they do them but I would rather have some disability than deal with the side effects of the drugs.

I have taken several of these drugs and I will post about how I reacted to each of them that I have taken when I explain them in more detail. As always if you have any questions please let me know!

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  1. Very similar.

  2. I think my friend Linda was on Avonex. Is that a shot? HOpe you're doing okay!

  3. wow those are alot of drugs!

  4. singedwingangel says:

    WE have a person who has MS using our product. She is now selling it because it changed life for her so dramatically .. I wish she could talk to you and tell you the things she did. At the point she started she was pretty much bed bound from it and the pain of it

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