The Long Lost by Tom Nixon


FTC: I received a free copy of this book from Pump Up Your Book in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation and the opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent true and my own.

The Long Lost by Tom Nixon was a book I struggled staying interested in while I was reading it.  I am not sure why this book was so hard for me to read because I did enjoy the plot and the characters in this book.  I think because the book was slow moving I just got bored and I found that I kept just wanting to just skim the pages and only really stop and read parts that caught my attention.  I also don’t like when books bounce back in forth between current time and the past.  I have a hard time keeping straight what is going on when authors writing like that.  This book wasn’t sure suspenseful for me because like I have said it just wasn’t the right fit for me, but I know that other people will probably enjoy it more than I did.

If you have read it what did you think of it?

About The Book

Author: Tom Nixon
Publisher: CreateSpace
Pages: 418
Genre: Suspense

The sudden and strange disappearance of Joel Thomas brings together his ex-wife and best friend in a search for answers. As Mary and Jason seek out the truth, their quest consistently turns up more questions than clues. In another time, the story of a long-time group of college friends plays out across 30 years of history, revealing the highs and lows of a group that vowed to maintain their friendship until death. Is the answer to Joel’s mysterious departure found in a simple note sent to Mary, or is it locked somewhere back in time? Told in alternating voices and timelines, Nixon’s The Long Lost tells a story of both intrigue and suspense — along with sentimentality and introspection — as he examines the painful discoveries realized when childhood friends grow up…and grow apart.

About The Author

Tom Nixon is an author and entrepreneur with writing credits to his name that span artistic genres. He has written multiple novels, two screenplays, several short stories, a children’s story, and has five music albums in his catalogue, for which he wrote both music and lyrics. He discovered his passion for writing and reading at an early age, going on to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Michigan. He resides in Michigan with his wife and children, along with a couple of the canine variety.

His latest book is the suspense novel, The Long Lost.



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Valentine Countdown Blitz – 12 Days Of Clean Romance

Bestselling Author Bernadette Marie is known for building families
readers want to be part of. Her series The Keller Family has graced bestseller
charts since its release in 2011. Since then she has authored and published
over thirty books. 

The married mother of five sons promises romances with a
Happily Ever After always…and says she can write it because she lives it.
Connect with the Author here: 
Facebook ~ Website ~
Twitter ~
~ YouTube ~ Pinterest ~

Seeing the future is a curse that Abigail Weston has
carried her entire life. Knowing how and when someone will be hurt, or the
whereabouts of missing people, haunts her enough to move away from the town
that no longer trusts her.
When real estate developer Carson Stone meets the intuitive
Abigail, he can’t help but feel the connection to her and wonder if love at
first sight is possible, especially since they share a passion for old
buildings. She believes they all should remain, while he builds new ones in their
No matter Abigail’s feelings for Carson, knowing that their
future is to be together does not ensure them a happily ever after, especially
if she can’t figure out what the other side is trying to show her–because in
her visions Carson’s future is dark and cold.



Top Ten List:
1.   Tell us about
things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal satisfaction besides
a.   I have recently
taken up loom knitting. I do this when I leave my office each night. I also
enjoy yoga!
2.   What is the thing
you struggle with the most while writing? And how do you defeat it? 
a.   Really the only
struggle I have is getting enough time to write. I’m the CEO of 3 companies and
that takes a big chunk of my time. 
3.   What are your
future projects? 
a.   I am currently
working on 3 projects. My 8th Walker Family Series book called Beginnings, a new
paranormal romance called The House on Whisper Hill, and a Christmas romance, A
Christmas Wedding Bouquet.
4.   What is the
“message” of your writing?
a.   My purpose in my
writing is to give everyone who reads my novels a moment of happily ever after.
I like to walk away from books feeling refreshed and hopeful.
5.   Are your
characters/stories/scenes, etc. based on anything in real life? 
a.   I find that it’s a
game to me to trickle in some real life into every story. So if I know you
personally, you might be there!
6.   Have you done
anything writing-related, besides actually writing your books, that seemed to
get a lot of positive response? Something that encouraged you? 



a.   My blog, This House
of Boys, is a great writing release that gets many great reviews. It’s about
raising 5 teenage sons. Also, I wrote a lot in high school, which was always
met with great feedback and I went on to study journalism in college.
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Lady Archer’s Creed box set by Christina McKnight and Amanda Muriel

Friendship…Loyalty…And honor above all.

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Title: Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Books 1-4)
Series: Lady Archer’s Creed
Author: Christina McKnight, Amanda Mariel
Genre: Historical Romance, Regency England
Release Date: February 6, 2018
Length: 755 Pages

A love of archery brings four young girls together to form The Lady Archer’s Creed. Through their mutual love of the sport, they solidify an unbreakable bond, and each woman has a unique quality that adds to their dynamic friendship:

Theodora, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book One)
Lady Theodora with her sharp mind and love of academics becomes the perfect archery coach. Despite being the last to join their group, and the obvious outcast, she will risk her future for her friends.

Georgina, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Two)
Lady Georgina makes the perfect financier. The forgotten daughter of a wealthy duke, she seeks to belong to something—or someone—by any means necessary.

Adeline, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Three)
Miss Adeline is a natural leader. Having grown up in a large and often spirited family, she now allows no one to place her in the shadows.

Josephine, Lady Archer’s Creed Series (Book Four)
Lady Josephine, having a sweet and impressionable nature, strives to please everyone—and keep their bond intact, even after they return to London for the Season.

Adeline, Georgie, Theo, and Josie live each day by the Lady Archer’s Creed, which they developed during their school days at Miss Emmeline’s School of Education and Decorum for Ladies of Outstanding Quality. “Friendship, loyalty, and honor above all” is their mantra. Now, as they face the challenges that come with adulthood, the creed is more important than ever.

Available from: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iBooks

Author Bio:
USA Today Bestselling Author Christina McKnight writes emotional and intricate Regency Romance with strong women and maverick heroes.

Christina enjoys a quiet life in Northern California with her family, her wine, and lots of coffee. Oh, and her books…don’t forget her books! Most days she can be found writing, reading, or traveling the great state of California.

You can visit her online at the following places: Website Facebook | Twitter Goodreads | Amazon

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The Bastard’s Bargain by Katee Robert

Celebrate the Release of THE BASTARD’S BARGAIN!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katee Robert delivers the final installment in her sizzling O’Malleys family series, hailed as “The Godfather meets Romeo & Juliet.” In THE BASTARD’S BARGAIN Dmitri Romanov must use his legendary focus and control to stay one step ahead of everyone else in the ever-shifting power plays of New York City.

What readers are saying:

“The Bastard’s Bargain presents a seductive escape and a fulfilling fantasy for that bad boy craving a girl can never outgrow.”—Isha at Book Likes

“Keira and Dmitri are everything. What develops between them is raw and carnal and wanton. The way they need each other and the way they connect is beyond sexy. It’s something deep and dark and heartbreakingly beautiful.”—Eva, Goodreads Reviewer

Meet Dmitri and Keira!

Add THE BASTARD’S BARGAIN to your TBR pile on Goodreads! Then keep reading to get a sneak peek excerpt and to enter the giveaway for a $50 Amazon gift card and Dmitri Romanov scented candle!

Title: The Bastard’s Bargain

Author: Katee Robert

Genre: Dark Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 6, 2018

Publisher: Grand Central/Forever

Series: The O’Malleys

Format: Digitial and Print


Married to the enemy

When Keira O’Malley was a child, she used to picture her perfect wedding. The flowers. The dress. Her husband. But nothing could have prepared her for saying “I do” to Dmitri Romanov-cold, domineering, and always one step ahead of everyone else in the ever-shifting power plays of New York City. She agreed to his bargain to secure peace for her family, and she may want the bastard more than she’d ever admit, but she’ll be damned if she’ll make this marriage easy for him.

Dmitri knows better than to underestimate Keira for one second. Molten desire smolders between them, a dangerous addiction neither can resist. But his enemies are already on the move, and he needs every ounce of his legendary focus and control to keep them alive. Keira could just be his secret weapon-if she doesn’t bring him to his knees first.

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The Bastard’s Bargain Excerpt

Copyright © 2018 Katee Robert

Dmitri Romanov didn’t permit himself to breathe a sigh of relief. This was only the first step in a path that could potentially span years. It didn’t matter. Keira was here—was his. He had time.

He watched her look around the inside of the town car, cataloging everything with those witchy hazel eyes of hers. The faint scent of pot filled the car, giving evidence to what she’d been up to when he called. The woman was a mess, but he’d known that from the moment he met her. Dmitri didn’t do projects. He preferred to be the one holding all the cards—it allowed him to anticipate how the people around him would act in any given situation.

He’d never been able to anticipate Keira. Not from the moment she picked his pocket and walked away from him as if she didn’t give a fuck about the danger he posed to her.

Likely because she has a goddamn death wish.

He’d deal with that, just like he’d deal with the rest of Keira’s issues. In time.

Right that moment, time was the one thing they didn’t have. Keira’s oldest brother would be returning to Boston within hours, and Dmitri fully intended to marry her before Aiden realized she was gone. It was significantly more difficult to oust a wife than it was a fiancée.

He had Keira now. He wasn’t going to let anyone take her.

She kicked her feet out, propping her chunky black boots on the seat. The long line of her bare legs drew his gaze up to her tiny sleep shorts. They were barely more than underwear, hugging her hips and ass. Her shirt wasn’t much better, for all that it was long-sleeved. It revealed a slice of pale stomach and was fitted enough that he had absolutely no doubts about the fact that Keira wore no bra. Her small breasts pressed against the fabric, and she shivered beneath the weight of his gaze.

Get control of yourself. He leaned forward and nudged her boots back to the floorboard. Taking Keira was part of the plan—fucking her in the backseat was not. “There’s no need for an adolescent tantrum.”

She laughed, the sound rough and pain filled. “God, would you listen to yourself? You just showed up at my window to lure me into the night—to a chapel—and now you’re bitching about my shoes on the seats? Russian, you have your priorities seriously out of order.” She flicked her long hair off her shoulder. She’d dyed it a harsh blond that seemed designed to highlight how unhealthily skinny she’d become in the last year.

She’s spiraling.

Not anymore.

“Our current situation is no reason to throw propriety out the window.” He sounded stuffy, and he hated it, but with her sitting so close, wearing clothing she’d just been sleeping in…Dmitri dragged in a breath. “Keep your shoes on the floor.”

“Or what?” She turned to face him. The move pulled her shirt even tighter against her chest, revealing the faintest outline of her nipples. Keira saw where his gaze went, and gave a bitter smile. “All the games, all the bullshit, and that hasn’t changed.” She leaned forward and hooked his collar with her finger, drawing him closer despite himself. “Tell me something, Romanov.”

“Hmm?” He dragged his gaze up to her mouth. The wicked curve of her lips was matched only by the words she threw into the space between them with such abandon. The woman wouldn’t know caution if it slapped her in the face.

“You’re dragging me to your cave to be your Bride of Frankenstein.” She shifted closer, her bare leg sliding over his slacks until her thigh came into contact with his cock.

He should move her. Set her back and explain that no matter what she thought of the situation, she wasn’t in control. But the ring he’d put on her finger winked at him, a reminder that Keira wasn’t the sister of his enemy anymore. She was his.

Or she would be in a few short hours.

He bracketed her thigh with a hand, keeping her in place, but didn’t touch her anywhere else. There was no masking his reaction to her, not in their position. Dmitri didn’t bother trying. “Calling me Frankenstein is more than a bit dramatic.”

She looked up at him, her eyes holding a question he didn’t have a satisfying answer to. “I think it’s time to stop being in denial, don’t you?”

He recognized the direction she was headed. “You know I want you. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t.”

Just like that, the shutters slammed down on her expression. She sat back and he let her go, watching her pull herself together. Her spine went ramrod straight, and she stared at the back of the driver’s head rather than at Dmitri. She crossed her arms over her chest. “No lies between us. That’s what you said. You want me, sure, but don’t pretend any of this bullshit has to do with sex. You need to prove what an international badass you are by marrying the sister of your enemy. An eye for an eye—a wife and a sister. Remember?”

He knew exactly what she was quoting. The note he’d had delivered to Aiden O’Malley just over a year ago. By my count, you owe me both a wife and a sister. I’ll be content with one of yours. He hadn’t realized Keira had seen it.

Twin possibilities spun out between them. She was scared and vulnerable, and if he told her that it was her he wanted and not what she represented, she would believe him. It would even be the truth, at least in part. He hadn’t been able to get Keira out of his head from the moment he met her, and he’d manipulated events to ensure they reached this exact moment.

Telling her that wasn’t telling her the full truth, though. This wasn’t some great love story where he’d been pining for her while her family kept them apart. Dmitri wanted her, yes. He craved the feeling of her body beneath his hands, her taste on his tongue, and her smart mouth around his cock.

But his craving her had no real relevance in the grand scheme of things. He needed one of the O’Malley daughters to regain his status after the blows the family had dealt him over the last two years. Keira was the only option left.


It didn’t matter what the truth was, full or otherwise. What mattered was ensuring Keira toed the line. He sat back, trying to ignore the throbbing of his cock, and studied her. “You knew what this was when you climbed out your window and stepped between me and your brother.”

She finally met his gaze, her hazel eyes fiery in their defiance. “Yes, I did.”


Read all the books in The O’Malleys Series








About Katee Robert

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Katee Robert learned to tell her stories at her grandpa’s knee. Her 2015 title, The Marriage Contract, was a RITA finalist, and RT Book Reviews named it ‘a compulsively readable book with just the right amount of suspense and tension.”  When not writing sexy contemporary and romantic suspense, she spends her time playing imaginary games with her children, driving her husband batty with what-if questions, and planning for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Connect with Katee at: Website | Facebook | Twitter| GoodReads | Instagram

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Valentine Countdown Blitz – 12 Days Of Clean Romance


Lillith Black lives in Southern California, where she
enjoys sun and warm weather and writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.
She loves a good book; her favorite genres are paranormal romance, sci-fi and
fairy tales. Her favorite shows include Doctor Who, Stranger Things and
X-files. Her favorite book hero is Sherlock Holmes and, when she travels, she
spends her evenings in the hotel room binging on Forensic Science.She is currently working on a vampire romance Love Me or Bite Me.

Connect with the Author here: 
He was born to love her, but will she allow herself to be

Amaris comes from a poor broken family where she was never
loved. On the night of her 19th birthday, she meets Gustavo, handsome,
eloquent, wealthy. When he tells her that he is destined to love her, she rejects
the idea, but the mysterious sparks that fly every time they touch, stop her in
her tracks.

Gustavo reveals to Amaris that they both belong to an
ancient order of the Moon, and he is born to be only with her, to love and
protect her. When she falls violently sick, and only Gustavo knows how to save
her, they are forced to travel across the world where Amaris discovers her true
self and wakes up the powers that could start a war between two feuding ancient
When the fight breaks out, and Gustavo and others are
kidnapped, Amaris has to accept who she is and step into her power to save the
ones she loves.




Q&A With The Author:
Tell us about things you enjoy — what you do for fun or personal
satisfaction besides writing?
I love to sing and go to karaoke any chance I get. I also have a
karaoke app on my phone
I love reading and can get easily lost in a book for hours, not
hearing anything that’s going on around me
I do yoga and tai chi – they make me strong, flexible and happy
What is the thing you struggle with the most while writing? And
how do you defeat it?
Getting distracted by the social media and household chores. To
combat these, I go to the library where all I do is write, turn off the wifi on
my computer and put my phone on airplane mode. I also remind myself that if I
feel like procrastinating that means I’m dealing with fear and there should be
no fear in writing.
What are your future projects?
I’m about to release my vampire romance novel “Love Me or Bite
Me” and I began to write second installment in my YA series, the Sleepwalker
Chronicles. This year I’m also planning to write and publish 2nd
book in the Gifted by the Moon series and 2nd book in the Love Me or
Bite me series. In 2019 all 3 series will get complete with the 3rd
book in each.
What is the “message” of your writing? 
The message in my books is the message of empowerment. I want
young women to find their voice, their strength, their light and then shine it
onto others. As much as my books are about romance, my heroines are no damsels
in distress. They are strong and can take care of themselves. Their men are
proud to be by their sides.
Are your characters/stories/scenes, etc. based on anything in
real life?
Since my books are all in a paranormal realm, the characters in
them are all made up, but I do get influenced by the character traits of people
around me and some of the experiences from my own life. I do like for my
stories to take place in real places, so far I have “visited” Sweet Home, Oregon,
Canadian Rockies, Malibu, California, Quito, Ecuador, Denver, Colorado and
Seattle, Washington.
Have you done anything writing-related, besides actually writing
your books, that seemed to get a lot of positive response? Something that
encouraged you?
I have done some fun stuff related to the world of writing and
books in the past few years. I have attended several writers’ conferences, been
part of a writing group, participated in NaNoWriMo and also shared a booth at
the WonderCon in Anaheim where I got to talk to readers and share my book. At
the last conference I got to participate in a late-night critique circle led by
my editor, Robert Yehling, and it was lot of fun interacting with other
authors, giving them perspective on their work and cheering them on.


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Valentine Countdown Blitz – 12 Days Of Clean Romance

Ines Bautista-Yao is the author of One Crazy Summer, What’s
in your Heart, Only A Kiss, When Sparks Fly, All That Glitters, and Someday
With You. She has also written several short stories. Among them are “Plain
Vanilla,” “A Captured Dream,” one of the four short stories in Sola Musica:
Love Notes from a Festival, “Things I’ll Never Say,” part of the Summit Books
anthology Coming of Age, and “Before the Sun Rises,” part of the Ateneo
University Press anthology Friend Zones.
She is the former editor-in-chief of Candy and K-Zone
magazines and a former high school and college English and Literature teacher.
She is also a wife and mom who lives in the Philippines with her husband and
two little girls. Her books are available digitally on Amazon and


Connect with the Author here: 
Twenty-four-year-old photographer’s
apprentice Regina has always felt like the plain, dull orange next to the shiny
red apple that is her best friend Lana. But then she meets Ben—the first guy to
ever break Lana’s heart, and the first guy to ever make Regina feel that he
only has eyes for her. 

As Regina finds herself falling hard for Ben, she also
finds herself breaking all the rules of best-friendship. Will she give up the
love of her life for Lana, or will she finally realize that she deserves her
share of the spotlight, too?



When she slid
into the driver’s seat, she leaned her head back, closed her eyes, and took a
deep breath, allowing herself to sink into the semi-darkness. What had just
happened here? She reached for the cup of coffee, took a sip, and noticed, in
the dim light coming from the lampposts outside, that there was something
scribbled on the cup in thin, black marker. Pulling it back and peering at it,
Regina noticed that it was a number. A phone number. And a name: Ben. That was
it. No message. No request to call. Overconfident worm. So why were her fingers
aching to reach for her cell phone and punch in those numbers? Why was she so
tempted to veer the car around and head back to El Tomador in the hopes that he
would be there waiting for her?
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Valentine Countdown Blitz – 12 Days Of Clean Romance


Hannah R. Conway is a military wife,
mother of two, middle school teacher, and speaker. Her novels are a deployment
experience of their own, threaded with faith, and filled with twists and turns
sure to thrill, and encourage. Hannah is a member of the American Christian
Fiction Writers, and My book Therapy. She and her family live near Nashville,


Connect with the Author here: 
“Life heats up for Leanna Wilson when an accident
claims her parent’s lives. Her dreams of a high profile law career are reduced
to rubble when she returns home to assume custody of her sister, Brie. Without
the financial means to take legal custody of her sister—or a binding will to
place her safely in her arms—Leanna’s future becomes more uncertain than ever.
Already prepared for a blazing custody battle, with less than capable
relatives, Leanna’s world is set ablaze when her ex-fiancé complicates matters
in an attempt to destroy her future and her faith. US Army, SSG Garrison Burke
has spent the last few years alone—balancing flag and fatherhood since the
tragic death of his wife. Facing deployment, Garrison is desperate to find a safe
caretaker for his son, Ezra—preferably anywhere but the abusive home he grew up
in. So, when Leanna Wilson walks unexpectedly back into his life, he’s not sure
if she’s a blessing or a curse. More importantly, Garrison cannot seem to
forget how he betrayed Leanna many years ago. Yet, as Leanna and Garrison begin
to run out of time, they start to see that the solution to their problems might
lie within each other, but will they forget the past and allow their broken
hearts to mend? As sparks begin to fly and their love is rekindled, a marriage
of convenience will either make their wildest dreams come true or cause their
best-laid plans to go up in smoke.”



~ AmazonAmazon UK
He twisted her arm tighter and she
yelped. “Let me go.”
“You may want to start packing
Brie’s bags now.”
“You’re hurting me, William.”
“Now you know what it’s like. To
want something and not get it. To love someone who won’t love you back. It hurts,
Leanna. You hurt people.”
He was at least partially right.
She’d hurt him. Used him to fund her bank account, much like he was now using
her to satisfy his need to control. Leanna twisted but couldn’t loosen his
hold. He pulled her closer.
“I’d take your hands off her, now.”
The voice, familiar, called from the front yard.
William jerked his hands away and
spun around. He paused, then let out a small laugh. “Ha. Of course.”
Leanna rubbed at the handprint on
her arm, then peeked around William.
A man in uniform, dress blues at
that. She sucked in a sharp breath, hand against her mouth.
Garrison. Her lips parted.
William stepped from the porch,
hands in the air, and then dropped them to his side. He bumped Garrison’s
shoulder as he passed giving a sidelong glance at Leanna before climbing into
his car. He winked before driving away.
Garrison followed William down the
drive with his stare. He turned his attention back to her.
There he stood, like a ghost. A
memory from her past, but he was very much in the present.
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The Shepherd’s Calculus by C.S. Farrelly

Book Review Graphic

FTC: I received a free copy of this book from Partners in Crime in exchange for my honest review. I received no other compensation and the opinions expressed in this review are one hundred percent true and my own.

The Shepherd’s Calculus by C.S. Farrelly was a book that I am sure I would have loved if I was sick of politics right now.  I am going read this book in a couple of years to see if my views change because I had a tough time staying interested in this book because of the politics that happen in the book.  I would always end up bored during those parts of the book and it made me not want to finish this book.  It did have pieces that kept me interested but then they would talk about politics and would lose all interested again.  I wasn’t able to figure out what was going to happen while I was reading the book, so that was a great thing.  All in all I enjoyed the authors writing and I did like most of the characters so if you love thriller type books than you should give this one a shot because I know there are people who would love this book.  Like I said before I think it is one that I would love if things in the world were different.

About The Book

Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Published by: Cavan Bridge Press
Publication Date: October 3, 2017
Number of Pages: 272
ISBN: 0998749303 (ISBN13: 9780998749303)
Purchase Links: Amazon  | Barnes & Noble  | Goodreads 

When journalist Peter Merrick is asked to write a eulogy for his mentor, Jesuit priest James Ingram, his biggest concern is doing right by the man. But when his routine research reveals disturbing ties to sexual abuse and clues to a shadowy deal trading justice for power, everything he believed about his friend is called into question. With the US presidential election looming, incumbent Arthur Wyncott is quickly losing ground among religious voters. Meanwhile, Owen Feeney, head of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, is facing nearly a billion dollars in payments to victims of sex abuse. When Feeney hits on a solution to both men’s problems, it seems the stars have aligned. That is until Ally Larkin—Wyncott’s brilliant campaign aide—starts to piece together the shocking details. As the election draws closer and the stakes get higher, each choice becomes a calculation: Your faith, or your church? Your principles, or your candidate? The person you most respect, or the truth that could destroy their legacy?

When the line between right and wrong is blurred, how do you act, and whom do you save?

About The Author

C.S. Farrelly was raised in Wyoming and Pennsylvania. A graduate of Fordham University (BA, English), her eclectic career has spanned a Manhattan investment bank, the NYC Department of Education and, most recently, the British Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office. She was a 2015 Presidential Leadership Scholar and obtained a master’s degree from Trinity College Dublin, where she was a George J. Mitchell scholar.

She has lived in New York City, Washington, D.C., Ireland, and England. An avid hiker, she camped her way through East Africa, from Victoria Falls to Nairobi. She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her family.

The Shepherd’s Calculus is her first novel.

Catch Up With Our Author On: Website Goodreads Twitter , & Facebook !

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Final Siege by Scarlett Cole

Scarlett Cole is back with FINAL SIEGE, book two in the Love Over Duty series. When an urgent phone call brings Mac’s troubled past—and the woman he once loved—into the present, it’s a chance to redeem himself that he can’t refuse. To protect her, he’ll risk it all. Don’t miss out on this second chance romantic suspense featuring yet another sexy alpha hero!


Author: Scarlett Cole

Release Date: January 30, 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press, SWERVE

Series: Love Over Duty #2

Genres: Romantic Suspense

Page Count: 300 pages

Format: Paperback and Digital

In the Line of Fire…
Former SEAL Malachai “Mac” MacCarrick is all about the future he’s created with his Navy brothers in Eagle Securities, taking assignments in the most dangerous places, and doing things no one but ex-military would attempt. But when an urgent phone call brings his troubled past—and the woman he once loved—into the present, it’s a chance to redeem himself that he can’t refuse.

Straight to the heart. . .
An investigative journalist researching an explosive story, Delaney Shapiro tells herself she got over Mac—and his role in her brother’s death—a long time ago. But the first moment she sees him at her bedside in an overseas hospital, she knows it’s not true. Every moment together rekindles the desire that once burned between them, and now that she’s a target for an emerging Russian arms dealer, Mac won’t let her out of his sight. To protect her, he’ll risk it all—including his life…


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Half asleep, unwilling to fully waken and face the day, Delaney snuggled deep into the covers and allowed the dreams that danced on the edge of her consciousness to enter. In it, she was naked, in a large white bed, with a man behind her. A hand spanned her stomach, pulling her back against a firm, warm chest. Spooning. Her favorite thing.

Lazily, the hand moved upward until it cupped her breast, and Delaney secretly urged it to squeeze gently, but it didn’t. Whoever the hand belonged to was definitely aroused. She could feel the heavy erection pressing against her back. Teasingly, she wiggled her butt against him in the hope he’d get the message, but nothing. No response.

Sun shone in through large open windows with white billowing curtains as she reveled in feelings of being turned on.

She turned in the man’s arms, grateful when he pulled her closer to him. His chest was wide, with a light smattering of hair, and she pressed her forehead to it as she slid her hand between them to the waistband of his shorts.

A hand gripped her wrist. “Don’t,” a voice said gruffly. Hard to get? That was a new one. She moved closely and pressed a series of soft kisses to his chest. But she could be that girl. The one who was confident enough to initiate. She licked his nipple and heard him gasp.

“Delaney, please. Fuck. Wake up!”

Suddenly the bed shook. Covers were dragged off her body, and her skin was cold. Then the realization hit her.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

It wasn’t a dream.

Delaney forced one eye open and confirmed her worst nightmare. Mac stood naked, apart from a pair of basketball shorts and a huge erection. And if the tenting was to be believed, his chest and bicep dimensions weren’t the only muscles that had grown. His hair was ruffled, standing up every which way as it always used to, and his eyes told her that she’d woken him up. By attempting to grab his dick.

Dear God. She was going to die.

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About Scarlett Cole

The tattoo across my right hip says it all really. A Life Less Ordinary. Inked by the amazingly talented Luke Wessman at the Wooster Street Social Club (a.k.a. New York Ink). Why is it important? Well, it sums up my view on life. That we should all aspire to live a life that is less boring, less predictable. Be bold, and do something amazing. I’ve made some crazy choices. I’ve been a car maker, a consultant, and even a senior executive at a large retailer running strategy. Born in England, spent time in the U.S. and Japan, before ending up in Canada were I met my own, personal hero – all six and a half feet of him. Both of us are scorpios! Yeah, I know! Should have checked the astrological signs earlier, but somehow it works for us. We have two amazing kids, who I either could never part with or could easily be convinced to sell on e-bay.

I’ve wanted to be a writer for a really long time. Check through my office cupboards or my computer and you’ll find half written stories and character descriptions everywhere. Now I’m getting the chance to follow that dream.

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Valentine Countdown Blitz – 12 Days Of Clean Romance

is the pen name used by Robyn Echols for her adult Golden Oaks series which
includes Family Secrets, the first book in the series, and her historical
Except for
the first year of her life, Robyn has lived in California. She started her
young life in San Diego and has had gradually moved northward. She has been
writing since she was in junior high school.
working several jobs, including that of being a rural carrier and union steward
for the California Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, she has spent years
learning and teaching family history topics. She enjoys focusing on history
from a genealogist’s perspective by seeking out the details of everyday life in
the past. Several of her family history articles have been published in
genealogy magazines.

She resides
with her husband in California near the “Gateway to Yosemite.” When
she is not piecing together novel plots and characters, she enjoys piecing
together quilt blocks.
Connect with the Author here: 
In 1868, Otto Atwell has a 160 acre
homestead near Abilene, Kansas and a limp as a result of an arrow shot in his
low back while with the 16th Kansas Cavalry on the Powder River Expedition in
1865. What he doesn’t have is a wife. Then again, what woman would want to
marry a cripple? 
Libby Jones comes to Junction City as a mail order bride. Not
only does the man who sent for her reject her, he tries to sell her to the
local brothel to recoup his fee. Otto offers to marry her, but she rejects him
in favor of a job with his relatives. 

Will Otto’s offer still stand when
trouble from Libby’s past catches up with her?



“Mr. Atwell, like your brother, you asked me to call you by your first
name. I will do so only if you call me Libby. And to answer your question, I
don’t think most women like hearing tales of pain and suffering, especially
about their kin, or if it’s only for the sake of glorifying in such matters.
Otherwise, I think women are stronger than you realize. I believe your mother
would want to know what you’ve been through, especially if it still affects
your life, rather than being kept in the dark.”
            In the silence that
followed, Libby took another sip. “I appreciate knowing your story, Mr.
            “Otto. I just hope it
doesn’t give you nightmares.”
            “I doubt it will.”
            I suffer my own
            Libby swallowed and
chose her words carefully. “I appreciate knowing your attitude about tribal
people. As you can see, my native heritage is written on my face. There are
many people who look down on me because of it.”
            “I hope you don’t
think I’m one of them.”
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