As Seen On TV

It is Monday and that means it is time for Supah’s Monday MeMe.  This week it is about a as seen on TV project that we bought or that we would like to buy!  The only thing I have bought is the Magic Bullet!

Now I have to say that when I got it I was super happy about it but after awhile I found that it really isn’t as good as a blender is.  I love using it for desert and what not but for things like drinks it doesn’t really work very well.  When I tried to use it to chop things up it didn’t work well at all.  Over all I still love it and will never get rid of it.  It just isn’t as useful as they make it seem.
I also got a snuggie for Christmas and I have decided that it is just just a blanket with arms.  I can say that I don’t really like it and I would never have bought one for myself.  My grandma is the one who uses it now.  It isn’t very thick at all.   I guess I would rather just have my heating blanket.