Adrienne’s Ghost


FBI Agent Jackson Yates has never believed in ghosts…until now. Called to the deepest, darkest basement at FBI Headquarters to investigate the discovery of the body of agent recruit Adrienne Garza, Jack is forced to look beyond the earthly to the spirit world for answers. Shaken by what he finds, he turns to beautiful paranormal psychologist Rachael Sullivan for help. As he draws her into the investigation, finding himself drawn closer to her with each step, can he protect her from the killer’s wrath?

Rachael has spent her adult years seeking knowledge of life after death. She has focused those years on helping those stricken with grief, but when she receives messages from beyond the grave, messages that seem to have come from Adrienne herself, she is compelled to follow the trail. As the slain woman’s spirit reveals more and more of her killer, and of her past with investigating agent Jackson Yates, Rachael wonders if the clues are leading her to love, or death.

Brought together by forces beyond their control, beyond their understanding, together Jack and Rachael seek the killer. Together they encounter Adrienne’s Ghost.

My Review

You follow and FBI agent that is trying to solve a murder that happened 5 years prior.  The women that was killed was going through the training to become an FBI Agent with him.  They found her body and so they gave him 3 days to solve it before he had to leave because he was being transferred.  He then meets a lady and then fall in love.  I won’t tell the ending buts lets just say I was reading this at work and someone walked up while I was reading it and I jumped because this book was creepy to say the least.  I like this book because he has the cute love story in it.   I am going to find out if the author has any other books because I really enjoyed  this book and her writing.

FTC-I received the book for free in return for a review.  The opinions expressed here are 100% mine.

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