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A Long Over Due Update

Work has been totally crazy lately hence my lack of posting and commenting.  I usually do most of my reading and writing while at work and lately it has been all that I can do to stay caught up with me work let alone anything else.  Lets see not much has happened while I have been MIA but I will update everyone on the little that has happened.  

Firstly I had my Infusion on the 5th of December and Squirrel took me too it.  She was so happy that she could go with me but in the end I think she was really bored and super cold by the time all the fun was done with.  I feel bad making her go with me because well she was so bored and super cold.  I know she wants to come but I hate to see her sit there and be so bored and so cold.  Maybe next time I will make them get her a warm blanket and what not.  We will see if she wants to go with me again or not.  My Dad also said that he would like to go with me sometime but I am not ready for that step yet.  I know one day it will be ok but  not right now.
I also have been arguing with my doctors office because they didn’t wanna give  me anything for my headaches and they have been treating me like I am a drug addict that asks them for pills every week.  When the truth is I haven’t once gotten any pain pills out of them since I have been seeing her and that is over a year now.  I am so tired of her office treating me like a addict when all I want is a few pain pills for the headaches I have after my infusions each month.  Hell I am not even asking for any for the days that I just hurt all over and can barely move.  I just deal with those days but I can’t deal with the migranes I get after every infusion.  Oh well guess that is life with dumb ass doctors!
That is pretty much all that has been going on with me!  I hope everyone has a great day and a great holiday weekend!